Industrial areas


Oriented in the transport of natural gas, working with pressure in the range of 14.7 to 84 barg, the projects consists of the construction or of the revamping of pressure lowering stations, as well as upgrading existing installations. Those projects contribute to ameliorate the conditions of the existing piping, to achieve a higher control level through the introduction of electronic or lf pneumatic regulation devices. Many metiers ar involved insuch projects such a civil engineering, piping, electricity, instrumentation, heating installations,…


Accumulated experience by tier 1 suppliers specialized in plastic or in metallic transformation. The projects consists of developing a product from its first design drawing up to commissioning of the production line. A more recent experience set the frame to a wider scale and prepare an entire production floor to adapt its layout in terms of part flow and hence anticipate 5 years investment plans.


Project management of engine's oil components from their concept up to the start of production.

Steel industry

Production support in order to ameliorate the production quality during the hot and the cold phases to produce low alloyed steels.


Renovation of industrial or private buildings with a size up to 700m2.

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